Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Media Canvas

Morning Friends and Crafters, I will be sharing a few more posts with you this week and then I will be having a break for a little while. So today I m sharing a media canvas that I made using one of my A5 Media Stencils,here I have used 'Bailey'. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

You will need:
Selection of Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylics
Amsterdam Acrylics (They go a long way)
Canvas Board 8 x 8
White Gesso
Black Fine Liner 1.0
HB Pencil
Selection of Acrylic Brushes
Palette Knife

Step 1: Mix some of the Blue Acrylic with some white Gesso to thin it, use this to prime your canvas board. Use the fine liner and stencil to add the face to your canvas. This is just a guide at the moment. (dont forget you only need one edge to make the face no the full shape) choosing either the inside, outside or mixture of the lines with give you a different look. Stat building up your colours and textures, This project is all about layering, which will show through to give you the depth.

Step 2: Next start adding you lighter blues, whites and more of the warmer tones for the face. Maybe add some splatters as well, I find these are easiest with a fan brush, always wash it out straight away. Leave this to dry before replacing the stencil and roughly adding the details with an HB pencil. Again this is mainly a guide for you.

Step 3:  Continue adding more depth and texture to the background, start adding shadowing and shaping the face, you might prefer to use a finger or brush for this. Use a small brush to add some definition to the features. The lips are best not so defined as it can make them look unnatural but we can subdue them later.

Step 4: Now add more dimension to the face, bringing in even more of the warmer tones to add the illusion of the facial curves. Use deeper tones of the cooler colours to add shadows under the jawline and chin.

Step 5: Now it's just a case of fine tuning until you re happy with the result, Start dulling won the lips to blend them in more. Oncce again, dont forget it's not finished until you are happy with it. You can always add more to it, it's your artwork and creation, this is not a portrait, but your expression of one.

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial I have shared with you today, along with the finished project. I do hope you will have  ago yourself, especially if it's something you've not tried before, it's all about having fun, dont forget.

Please take a look at my Etsy shop, the link is at the top of my blog. If you do want anything I will only be sending out until the end of  the week unless I can arrange something, if not the shop will close until my return. For now Take care and Happy Crafting.xxx


  1. This gives an amazing piece of art and does look so like a portrait. Not sure if I could achieve this,might be good with a tutorial some time in the future.
    Thank you for sharing Nicola x

  2. This was fun, It was hared to know when to stop, I wasn't sure. I think it's easier than you first think it will be. Maybe have a go sometime.take care and thank you, so happy you like it.x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you ever so much Dot, I am so happy you like this it really was great fun.xx

  4. Looks great, something to try once I have the crafting i need to do for Christmas finished

    1. Oh Karen, you really must once you get chance, it really was a wonderful project and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you ever so much and thanks for your comment.xx