Friday, 11 October 2019

Simple Dipped Beeswax Candles and a Video.

Welcome to the weekend everyone, I hope you have something wonderful planned. Thank you to everyone who joined me last evening for the Mixed Media Journal video on Youtube, It's always great to chat with you. I'm sharing another video this evening at 7 pm. It's something very different today, I've been making Candles, so I thought it might be good to share with you.

Over the winter, the weather here in Bulgaria can get nasty, I always like to have a stash of Candles on Hand, ready for the power cuts. I love the smell of the beeswax, they also tend to burn a lot nicer than regular candles and also have a positive effect on the atmosphere. It's very cost effective to make you own and great to know you've made them yourself.

There are 2 basic types of Beeswax, I mainly use the Natural Yellow. They also produce a bleached white beeswax as well but sadly along with the colour goes a lot of the beautiful natural aroma. Obviously is you are thinking of colouring the candles then the white would be a better choice, so definitely worth thinking about before deciding on the type of wax you will use. It's very much personal choice but I'd rather have the natural colour and the amazing scent. A little tip if you do use candles a lot, they will burn a lot longer if they are frozen, before use. Here's  the link for the video at 7 pm, you can watch it here, but you can also join in if you view on Youtube.

Thank you to those of you that have taken advantage of the 40% off, on the Etsy store (link at the top of the page), I really hope you enjoy your purchases. If you've not taken a look yet, it's running until midnight on the 17th, some of the items are running low and I can't restock them. There are just over 2 weeks left to get involved with the Giveaway, simply leave your review for any purchase on my Etsy store to be in with a chance of winning my new One Day Special Collection.

Thats all for now, I hope you will join me at 7 pm, it would be great to chat, Take care and Happy Crafting.xx

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Finished Mixed Media Journal & Much More

Hi Friends & Crafters, Well quite a lot to share with you today, so I have this blog post and a youtube video tonight at 7 pm, I do hope you will join me. Here I am sharing the finished journal along with a colourful cover made with the Magic Mixed Media Paper along with the Heat Transfer paints.

Before I share the 'How to' I would like to let you know that I have added the final offer to my Etsy Store today. For the next week, you can enjoy 40% off of all orders over 60 GBP. This is a limited offer, running until midnight on the 17th October. There are limited numbers  and once they are gone, they're gone.

For the Journal cover you will need:

Craftascope Floral Companions Dies
Craftascope Heat Transfer Paints by Colourist
Magic Media Paper
Copier Paper
Pokey Tool
PVA glue (I recommend Phill's Sentimentally Yours)

Step 1: Measure and cut out the amount of copier paper you will need to cover your journal, being sure to allow 1/2'' for overlapping the edges. Cut the same from the Magic Media Paper.

Step 2: Create strips of copier paper, painted with the Heat Transfer Paints.

Step 3: Cut a selection of leaves from copier paper, painted with the Heat Transfer Paints. Cut at least 5 layers at a time when using thin papers to lessen the damage on your cutting plates.

Step 4: Position and secure a black die cut behind each leaf to create a drop shadow.

Step 5: Secure the strips of paper across the copier paper blank.

Step 6: Arrange the leaves and secure to your design.

Step 7: Place face down onto your Magic Media paper, then transfer your design to the cover.

Step 8:  Use a tool to make holes for your stitching.

Step 9: Stitch using your chosen colour of thread. If you have it available, wax your thread for strength.

Step 10: Here's an alternate design, this time I used scraps (as described in the video).

Here are both finished Journals.

I do hope you will join me later this evening for the Youtube video at 7 pm. It will be nice to chat. I am also going to share some of my new Craftascope goodies with you along with some samples from the Design Team, using previous collection. I have also got some projects and artwork from Friends & Customers to share with you. One of my Crafty friends has painted the most beautiful picture of my Nan, here is a photo, but I will show it in real life too. I just couldn't believe how beautiful it is.

It's been wonderful to receive your beautiful cards and artwork. Here is the link for tonights video, It will play from here, but if you watch on youtube you can join the chat.

Your support has always meant such a great deal to me over the years, since starting my blog. Without you I wouldn't have continued, so I want you to know how grateful I am to each and everyone of you. Take care & Happy

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Patchwork, Fun With 1'' Blocks

Morning Friends and Crafters, Hope you are all well and ready for another video today, it would be lovely if you would like to join me tonight at 7 pm. This evening I will be sharing the finished blocks from last week. This weeks block is all about the 1'' square block. I for one don't have the sewing skills or confidence to ensure all the points match up perfectly, so this is a wonderful shortcut. 

I hope that this new technique will help you too and if you are totally new like me, then maybe it will give you the confidence to try it yourself. I still think the best bit of this is creating your very own fabric designs, it's been such great fun. 

The patterns and colour mixes, really do give you the most amazing effects. I've spent so much time looking at the different effects, it's just so interesting and beautiful. Here's the link for this evenings video, I hope to see you at 7 pm (UK Time) on the Youtube Channel.

To celebrate the first year of Craftascope Makes on Facebook, The anniversary of the first year of bringing you Craftascope Products along with just adding the 40th video on my Youtube Channel, I will be doing a few very special offers on my Etsy store, so do watch out.

The first of the Offers is now live, SAVE A WHOPPING 30% OFF OF 2 OF THE MOST POPULAR COLLECTIONS, THIS RUNS UNTIL SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT, It is a limited offer, so will end if the stock goes first. 

I hope you are enjoying the videos I am adding to the channel, they are building up on the channel and cover quite a variety of crafts, with plenty of Idea's, Hint's and tips. I am sure there will be plenty more to come in the future for everyone. For the GIVEAWAY please don't forget to add your reviews on the Etsy site to be in with the chance of winning the New Craftascope Collection. For now Take care and Happy

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Last Chance to get hold of the Blooming Marvelous Collection.

Hi Friends and Crafters. Things are rather busy at the moment, especially with the extra videos that I am adding to the Youtube Channel and the prep. Just wanted to let you know that it's your last chance to get hold of the Craftascope Blooming Marvelous Collection with 50% off. You can get the full set now for 39.97 rather than the regular price of 79.95, so please don't miss out if you really want to add it to your collection, there are not many left now and I'd hate anyone to miss out on this wonderful offer. There are many more samples but here are a few to give you some inspiration.The first shows another way of using the collection, almost beautiful piece of Jewellery from Jane.

The collection consists of 2 A5 Plus  (close to A4) stamp sheets, 3 Wonderful Stencils and the Dancing Dolphin 2 part die set.

I have included some of the projects made using this collection in case you missed the launch show on Hochanda.

I have also included a link at thee bottom of this page for the launch show if you would like some more inspiration.

These stamps are beautiful for pattern building or using singly to make the most wonderful floral cards or notelets. 

However they are not just for your card craft, they are great to make beautiful stitched or embroidered projects.

So whatever crafts you enjoy, they really will suit a wide range of people and occasions.

There so much to celebrate, being the a full year since the Craftascope Makes Facebook Group was started. It's also the first anniversary of my first show on Hochanda and on Tuesday the 40th Youtube Video will go live.

To thank you for all of your support over the year I will be adding offers on my Etsy store over the coming week, so do keep an eye out for those. For now Take care and Happy

This is the launch show on Hochanda with Dave Bradford you can either watch it her or on Youtube:

For now Take care and Happy

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Mixed Media Stitched Journal

Morning Friends and Crafters, well at last I have had the chance to prepare and film the stitched Mixed Media Journal, it will go live at 7 pm (UK Time) this evening, if you would like to join me on on you tube . It's very similar to the one I decorated on my last Hochanda Show. The show is also available on my youtube channel, if you would like to look back on it. The video is 'The Regal Rose' collection, with Janice which aired on the 13th August at 12 noon.

I have to admit this was a tricky one to film, with positioning the camera and with such a small viewing area that I had to work in. You will have to forgive me for the mishaps, I hope I haven't made it look to difficult, I can assure you it's a lot easier to make than I have made it look.

The size of the covers are 8 1/2 x 6 1/4 and are cut from Zutter Board. This is a perfect size for A4 card, Fabric or material folded to A5 size. There is no waste at all and no trimming necessary. I do hope you will join me at 7 pm, I will be there to answer any questions you have and for a chat of course.

Just a couple things to remind you about. There are a few more days left to get your hands of the HALF PRICE Blooming Marvelous Collection, Please don't miss out, it's a wonderful collection of Stamps, Dies and Stencils. Secondly the GIVEAWAY, all you have to do is leave a review for any Craftascope purchase on Etsy for your chance to win my New Collection. There is a link to my Etsy Store at the top of the page.

Here is the link for the video this evening, I hope you will join me for a chat.

For now Take Care and Happy Crafting.xx

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Patchwork Design, Heat transfer Paints & Demos

Morning Friends and Crafters, This evening I have a new video going up at 7 pm. The next part of the Patchwork series, if you have missed any of the others, do take a look they are full of hints, Tips and shortcuts. Im sure true and experienced patch worker's  wouldn't like it, but I know I dont have the skill or confidence for some of the smaller blocks so for me this is great and if it means I can help and give someone else the confidence to try then I am very pleased.

There will be another next Wednesday at 7 pm as well so I do hope you enjoy it. If there is anything you would like me to include in future videos please do add your comments to the video. It's always nice to know what you would like to see or need help with.

The video will go on at 7 pm this evening: Here is the link for you:

Don't forget to leave your reviews for any of your purchases on the Craftascope Etsy site for your chance to win my next collection. I also have a wonderful 50% discount offer on the Blooming Marvelous Collection, which includes the Dancing Dolphin 2 part die. Last look there were around 10 left so please don't miss out.  Thats all for now, Take care and Happy Crafting.xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

New Video's going live tonight at 7pm UK time

Hi Friends and crafters. Just a short post to let you know that I have some new Video's going live tonight at 7 pm.  These are specifically to answer questions that were left underneath previous video. It's divided into 2 parts so I hope you will take a look either live or when you get chance.

I have tried to cover as much as I can in the time available to me. I have spent the last week or so preparing to give you some hints tips and a few little tricks to create your own bespoke fabrics and patchwork designs.

I do hope you enjoy them. If you do have any questions I will be around during the live shows to answer anything of just have a chat. Feel free to leave your requests below the videos and I will try to cover them in future video. For now Take care and Happy Crafting.xx