Friday, 26 August 2016

Leonie's New Launch on Hochanda

Morning, Another day without the use of my hand, so I have another opportunity to share a taste of whats to come from Leonie's New Launch on Hochanda. Please dont miss these shows, what she has in store for us on Sunday (28 August), is for absolutely everyone.

All I can say for now is they are absolutely wonderful and have been a pleasure to use. I dont want to spoil anything for you so I can only post a teaser, but I will be sharing on Launch night as usual. Take care and Happy Crafting.xx


  1. Love the look of the sneak peak of this one. Really sorry that you can't use your hand still,it must be really frustrating. Not only stopping you crafting but doing any thing else either.
    Please take care and look after yourself. Nicola x

  2. Gorgeous sneeky peak. Looking forward to the shows. Hope your wrist heals soon.
    Linda xxx

  3. Sorry you are still having problems Nick. When I broke my wrist I couldn't craft for three months and that was awful. I sympathise with you. The sneak peak is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing the whole of it. Thank you for sharing this.