Wednesday, 13 June 2018

All Occasion Card

Hi Crafters and Friends, Great to be with you again today with a little more inspiration using Foamiran and accessories from 14 Craft Bar. For the past week I have been busy making Christmas Cards, it looks like the colour schemes for this year are going to suit me down to the ground. My card today is made with a colour combination I adore, I just love all shades and tones of blues and combining them with white really set them off. I have included Poinsettias and my favourite roses, I do hope you will take a look. I have deliberately left the card sentiment free, as this card could quite easily suit any occasion.

You will need:
Blue Foamiran 015 Navy  (Also in the Winter Set)
White Foamiran 001 White (Also in the Winter Set)
Dark Green Foamiran 021 (Also in the Irish Set)
Glue Gun
PVA Glue
Sue Wilson Lavish Accented Octagon
Sue Wilson Double Stitched Octagon
Sprigs/Twigs dies or similar
Blue Card
White Card

Step 1: Cut a selection of rose petals from 2.5'' x 2.5'' & 3'' x 3'' Squares.

Step 2: Shape you petals, cupping them and frilling the edges as shown in my last video. (Here is the link)

Step 3: Cut a selection of Poinsettias  in blue and white foamiran.

Step 4: Roll and twist them and leave for 10-15 mins.

Step 5: Unfold and straighten very slightly.

Step 6: Assemble your flowers, edge them with PVA and add some clear or AB glitter to give a frosty look.

Step 7: Cut and Mount your chosen card layers.

Step 8: Layer your card pieces onto an 8 x 8 card base. Here I have used Silver white Centura Pearl.

Step 9: Arrange your flowers and secure them in place. Your card is now finished and ready to add your chosen sentiment.
And a close up of the blooms:

Thank you ever so much for joining me today, I have really enjoyed making this card to show you so I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. Would love to hear from you and any comments or questions. For now Take care and Happy Crafting.xx

Monday, 4 June 2018

A Ladies Lounge

Morning Friends and Crafters, Hopefully you all had a super weekend. Today, I am sharing a Ladies Lounge with you, made with the amazing Dimensional Die collection from Crafters Companion. I really hope you are having as mush fun as I have had with these. I've not shared making the base card again, but if you would like to see the full process, please take a look at the Gentleman's Front room.

For this you will need:
Calico Fabric
Sara's Signature Range Lace
Glossy Accents
Wool or Yarn
Cocktail Sticks
Family Photos
Optional Extras

Prepare your base card (any size you like), position and cut your chair. Here the same paper is used for the whole wall, adding a strip from the collection for the chair rail and dado rail. Use the chair die to get the perfect fit for your wallpaper and flooring (as for the Gentleman's Room).

Step 1: Take a sheet from the plain 12 x 12 pack, run through the Warm Blanket embossing folder. Cut to size after embossing to ensure a nice clean line. Then add velvet ribbon from the embellishment pack, it gives a lovely trim to the rug.

Step 2: For the curtains and the lampshade, I covered the card with Calico before cutting to add texture.

Step 3: Next stamp and colour flowers from the accompanying stamp set. Finally over stamp with the curtain stamp. This adds more texture and detail.

Step 4: Cut the mirror frame from the brown card, add a little gilding wax here and there for texture. The mirror itself was made with Pebeo Silver Metal Film, but it could also be cut with Mirror Card. Lace from Sara's Signature collection was used to add a table cloth. I used my Nan and Granddads wedding photo in the frame. The vase was then cut, coloured and coated with Glossy Accents, finally filled with blooms, created with the matching dies and stamps, secured with Collall 3D Glue gel.

Step 5: The second side table was cut down slightly to add more interest to the room. There is a photo of my Grand Father added to the frame die and coated with Glossy Accents. The wool or yarn was wound to for a ball of yarn, then a cocktail sticks added as knitting needles.

Step 6: A photo of a cushion was resized, cut out and shaped for the chair. The same for the glasses on the arm of the chair, with added Glossy Accents on the lenses. A few magazines and knitting patterns were resized and cut out to place at the side of the chair.

Step 7: The window, which I wanted left open for this Spring/Summer card was cut from the brown card,then over stamped with the wood grain. Some of the lace was used to trim the lampshade. The clock was coated with Glossy Accents. Outside the window you can see the tree die, cut from brown card and flowers cut with the flower dies, using paper from the plains paper pad. Finally to finish the card I added some slippers and a cat at the side of the chair, again from photos that were resized.

I know I keep saying it, but this collection has been such an inspiration. It's easy to see why it's so popular. It's very easy to personalize each and every scene for the person it's for by adding personal effects and things that mean a lot to that person. They're so exciting to use and seeing peoples faces light up when they receive them is a real joy. They are definitely much more than cards and I am sure that they will be treasured by the person you make them for.

Thank you so much for visiting today, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial today and maybe the inspiration I have shared with you, I do hope you will be making these for years to come can wait to see what you make, For now take care and Happy Crafting.xx

Friday, 1 June 2018

Gentleman's Front Room

Im back again with another project using the brand new dimensional dies. I really hope you got to see the shows with Leann and Janice, more importantly, did you order them and are they on their way, How Exciting! It really would be wonderful to see photos of your projects, as I have said before, this has been one of the most inspirational collections I have used in all me years of crafting, they are so much more than cards. Think about personalising the scene for that special person, taking photos of their personal items and resizing them, shrinking down family photos.

You will need:
Ivory Centura Pearl
Copier or Decoupage Paper
Sheena Stamping Card
Faux Leather or Scrap Leather
Walnut Stain Oxide
Stick N Spray
Collall Adhesives

Step 1: Prepare your card base, any size you like. Mark the score line lightly with pencil, (Don Not Score) Position your die using the notches to line up with your pencil line. If you want the windows to be see through, you will need to cut these  as well with  your chosen wall paper.

Step 2: Cut your chosen floor covering to the correct size. Then using the notches on the chair die to give the perfect shape to fit the base. Then emboss using the Wood Panel. TOP TIP: Leave a little extra card to the front and both sides as the the card shrinks slightly when you emboss.

Step 3: Colour and stamp the base of the chair legs, to give the illusion of wood.

Step 4: Cut a circle of Self Adhesive Hessian (Burlap) from Sara's Signature collection. Use Walnut Stain Oxide on the Warm Blanket Embossing folder and run through.

Step 5: Emboss the wallpaper using the Brocade folder and secure to the wall using your chosen adhesive, lining up the window opening.

Step 6: Create a lower strip of wallpaper and rail using the patterned card. Secure the rail to the the lower piece allowing a small overlap to cover the join when you secure it to the wall. Use your chair die as for the Flooring to get the perfect shape. I then used the chair to cut the leather for the chair, I wanted it to looked lived in, a comfy old chair.

Step 7: Cut your window frame fro Centura Pearl Ivory or White to coordinate with you chosen decor. Place acetate behind, I also used a magazine picture at the back for the outside scenery. You can also make your own outside scene using the accessories. 

Step 8: Position and secure your rug.

Step 9: Add all of your accessory dies, curtains, table, lamp etc.

Step 10: Here I scanned and resized some birthday cards that I had made, one of them with Sara's signature collection, you might recognise it.

Step 11: I resized the front of a newspaper, then added some blank pages and folded. The book was made using the waste from the large window panels, for the covers ad pages.

Step 12: I took a photo of the Grandmother clock, resized, cut out. I added Spray n Shine, with Glossy Accents on the face. I also printed a Family Photo for the photo frame, again using Glossy Accents.

I really hope you will share you makes when you get going, I am so excited to see your ideas and projects. I would love to have your comments ad feedback on the tutorial and project I have shared, if you have time, Hopefully you have enjoyed it. For now Take care and Happy Craftingxx

Thursday, 31 May 2018

17 Cherry Tree Lane

Morning, I hope you are enjoying the launch of the new Dimensional Dies in Hochanda, with more shows today at 9 am, 1 pm and Your Final Chance at 5 pm, thats if there is any left of course. I have loved seeing all of the ideas and samples from the rest of the design team, they have been such an inspiration. I am sure you are all going to be brimming with ideas, with plenty of projects to keep you busy, once your collections arrive. Today I am sharing Cherry Tree Lane. I Thoroughly enjoyed designing this card and putting it all together. Here is the finished card, along with the tutorial, I do hope you enjoy it. Some of the photos are slightly different as believe it or not all my photos were lost so had to recreate it, but at least I have one for myself this time. lol

You will need:
House Concept Die Set
House Accessories Die Set
Garden Party Die Set
Cottage Stone Embossing Folder
House Brick Embossing Folder
House Accessories Stamps Set
12 x 12 Coordinating Matt Card Pad
12 x 12 Coordinating Patterned Papers
A3 White Centura Pearl 'Hint of Silver' cut to 8 3/4'' x 16'' plus extra for windows etc
Mat Black Card
A4 Sheena Stamping Card
Selection of Distress Inks
Shaped Nestie or Similar
Leonie Pujol Kite Stamp from Tangled Tails or similar
Clarity Skyline Mask or Similar
Glossy Accents
Tacky Glue
3D Glue Gel

Step 1: Cut the base section of your house, either overhang the part you dont want to cut or if using a manual machine, secure 2 pieces of thick card over the part you dont want to cut, as soon as you feel the resistance, reverse.

Step 2: Draw lines upwards from the sides of your house to help re position the die (see photo) Position the die lining up the cut line on the die onto your pencil mark. The distance between the bottom and the roof needs to be 5 3/4''. Repeat this cut as in Step 1 to avoid cutting the whole house.

Step 3: Using a craft knife and ruler, cut along your drawn lines to join the 2 dies cut shapes.

Step 4: Leave an extra tab at the top, approximately half inch to secure to the background later.

Step 5: Repeat the first 3 steps to make your second home, This time slightly smaller, also remove the roof section of this one to add variety (see photos). Also cut away the outhouse.

Step 6: Lightly draw a line at 8'' across your card, this will be your scoreline later.. Take a sheet of torn copier paper to create your landscape. Using an applicator of your choice blend Mowed Lawn Distress ink downwards from your mask. Repeat this step, moving your paper sideways also to stagger the hills. Three or 4 levels look great.

Step 7: Take the skyline mask, secure to your card, using black soot, built up your colour lightly, you really want a deep grey tone rather than black. Move the mask and repeat adding dimension to your card. Next Build up the blues for the sky, Shaded Lilac and Blueprint Sketch.

Step 8: Place your smaller house on the card to help position your concept die. Use the notches either side to position on your pencil line and TAPE in place, cut and manipulate the pop up.

Step 9: Use the green card from the pad to create the grass. (Top Tip) cut the card to the required width, lay it against your house, place a ruler either side of the house and draw a feint line for the recess. Next position the card at the back of your card, lay the ruler against the front of the house and this will give you the depth. Cut out and secure to your base  with Tacky glue.

Step 10:Take a sheet of Card the width of your base, emboss using the Cottage Stone folder. Then colour randomly with a mixture of Black Soot, Gathered Twigs, Vintage Photo and Frayed Burlap to give a realistic road, secure in place using Tacky Glue.

Step 11: Emboss the smaller house using the House Brick folder, then select your colour of choice for tinting the brick.

Step 12: Use a Dark Grey alcohol marker to colour the roof section of your main house. Use the brick stamp from the collection to add detail, then colour the bricks, choose 3 or 4 shades for this.

Step 13: Cut the window frames and window inserts from Centura Pearl white, then acetate and a chosen pattern for your wallpaper, using just the outside die. Repeat for the required amount and layer up.

Step 14: Cut the tree from Black and a brown from the coordinating pad. Layer using Tacky glue leaving a thin shadow behind.

Step 15: The fence will need 2 or 3 layers as it is only attached at the back of the house, stage the joins so it doesn't bend using Tacky Glue. Form enough for either side of the house with an inch or so extra to allow securing.

Step 16: Stamp the door in place on the main house, then on a piece of card stamp another to secure in place on the smaller house. Position and secure the windows in place with 3D glue gel for dimension. Add the roof trim and eves.

Step 17: Add the fence, securing behind the house. Then add window boxes, using the grass for foliage. A nice welcome mat looks nice here, cut and stamped onto self adhesive Burlap/Hessian. Position the tree using Tacky Glue and trim.

Step 18: Cut some blossom and leaves from the Garden Accessories set, shape them with a ball tool and add. Use the smallest of the blooms for the window boxes.

Step 19: Use a royalty free image and reduce in size.Position a basic circle die over the image and draw around it. Carefully trim around any bits outside the circle to allow you to position the die. Top Tip: Make sure the die is underneath any parts you dont want cutting, legs, bag etc. (See Photos)

Step 20: To finish your card, add extras of your choice, keeping the perspective with the card. Add some fallen leaves and grass to the scene to make it more realistic and your card is finished. Then you can decorate the outside to match.

I do hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and finished card. Thank you ever so much for joining me and I hope to see you very soon. Take care and Happy Crafting.xx