Saturday, 16 July 2016

House Plaque Base

Hello and thanks for popping by today. For a long while now I have been wanting to make a number plaque for the front of the house, but never seen to get the time. Well today I made a start and thought I would share it with you. It's not finished as I cant find a number that suits the look I want. As soon as I find the right number 7 I will  finish and share it with you.

I started with an MDF oval shape (Marine Grade)

Using black gesso, I gave it two coats for a really thick coat as it will be outside even though under cover.

I used the beautiful 'Rose Blush' stamp from Indigo Blu. I stamped with flitter glu and covered with a mix of Gold and Copper Kettle Gilding Flake.

I wanted to add Gilding flake around the edge but at the same time I didn't want to detract from the main image of the roses. To add the flake I dipped a tissue into the flitter glue and dabbed around the design. After adding the flake and burnishing, I painted over it with black gesso. I left this for about 2 minutes and then rubbed it off. This subdued the brightness but left a lovely aged look around the piece.

I would like to add some more texture to this and maybe some crackle as well. As soon as I find the number 7 I will complete it and update you on the progress. It probably wont be for a couple of weeks as there are some new and exciting things coming from Leonie. I really cant wait to share, it's so very exciting. 

Thank you so much for visiting today and hope you will come by again very soon. Take care xxx 


  1. This looks beautiful and caged at the same time. It will be lovely as your house number plaque when you find that right number 7!
    Thank you for sharing. Nicola x

    1. Thank you Nicola, Once i get the number, crackle it and add some more texture I think it will look good. It's only taken 4 years lol

  2. This is looking like its going to be a fabulous project when finished, love the way you have "aged" the mdf, Cannot wait to see the finished project.
    Hugs Janet xxx

    1. Thank you Janet, I do hope so. Needs a bit more work but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Adding the crackle and some more texture will make a difference.xx

  3. This is gorgeous Nick. Thanks for sharing it with us.