Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Happy Easter Easel Card

Morning, A bit of fun today, I am sharing an Easter card, I made using the Die'Sire Easel die set. I know it's not the way they are designed to be used but it came to me that using the shield could also make the egg shape. I have also used the letters from Leonie's Wonderful Typography Alphabet Dies, along with some of her mixed media range.

I didn't take photos of each stage of making the easel base for each card. I hope you don't mind but it's very time consuming stopping at each stage. The photos for this are therefore, the wrong colour to match this card.

To make the card you will need:

Typography Alphabet by Leonie Pujol
Circle Dies Various Sizes.
Die'Sire Timepiece Easel
Pink Centura Pearl Card
Blue Centura Pearl Card
Yellow Centura Pearl Card (All from the Light's Collection)
2 Lengths of Lace

Step 1: Cut your Easel Base using scored and folded Pink Centura Pearl. Make sure you leave the die overhanging your folded edge to create the easel (See Photo)

Step 2:  Cut the smaller shield from Blue Centura Pearl, Then trim off the tip to ensure it sits nicely as a layer to your base Easel. (See Photo)

Step 3: Cut a large Shield in both Blue and Pink, these will form your egg.

Step 4: Wrap a length of lace around you Smaller blue Shield and secure at the back with tape. Then use Tacky glue to place it on your base. For the stopper, I used Leonie's hearts, 4 stuck together for extra height. Secure your lace across the upside down blue shield, before adhering the pink shield to form the egg.

Step 5: Cut the first 4 letters from pink and the last 2 in blue. Add  to your egg with Tacky glue. Then cut a variety of sizes of circle from yellow and position them onto your egg. Finally stick this to your easel base.

This gives you a completely different look and get even more versatility to your dies. 

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial today. It's in a different format so I hope you like it. I would love your feedback. Once again sorry for the photos, I know it's better with specific photos which I will continue with for regular posts. For now Take care and Happy Crafting.xx


  1. Whose mind makes an egg from a shield! Well yours obviously,but not something I would ever have thought of or seen when playing with them in a million years. However it works so well,but then I wouldn't expect anything less from you.
    As to the different layout, I love the idea of a "menu" added to your usual format something that is really helpful but is more work for you.
    Thank you for sharing Nicola xxx.

  2. lol, It's a shame they didn't show this one on TV really, Its always good to have some other ideas and with Easter just round the corner it could be a fun way to make cards. Thank you, Glad you like it. I am also glad you like the menu idea, I will try it for a while and see how it goes.xx

  3. Love this card Nick. Thank you for sharing this with us.