Friday, 21 June 2019

Way Out!!!

Morning Friends and Crafters. Fancy a little bit of fun with some vibrant colours and some straws? Well that's just what I have been doing, with the background for this mutlicoloured banner. This is a real statement die, great for any occasions and all types of crafting, from card making, journalling and scrapbooking and lots more. It's a great addition to your crafty stash and also makes a great card for a bloke.

I have managed to get a little bit of stock back on my Etsy Store, I am still trying to get the Stamp version of the 'Retro Banner' back in stock and will let you know if it's possible.

You will need:
Selection of Brusho
Mat Black Cardstock 7 1/4 x 7 1/4''
White Stamping Card 7 x 7''
Mat Black Cardstock to cut the Banner
Coloured Card (A real Scrapbuster)
Tacky Glue and 3D Glue Gel

Step 1: Take 4 colours of Brusho, totally your choice. Premix them with a little water. Drop the first colour onto the card and blow out towards the edge of the card. Repeat this with your other colours to give a wonderfully vibrant background.

Step 2: Cut out the Retro Banner 3 times in black card from gutting. You need to whole banners and a section of 2. ****TOP TIP**** Don't use your pokey tool, tap the die firmly cutting side up on a surface to release on it's own, It does release and doesn't distort your die cut.

Step 3: Mount your vibrant background onto your base card, You can easily gut this card before sticking it down and use it on another project. 

Step 4: On your white card secure the banner die cuts to form a circular shape. Use coloured card to paper piece the banners.***TOP TIP***** This is a great way to use all of your scrap card pieces, I know we all have them.

Step 5: Back this piece onto your black card and make sure you have gutted it. You could easily position your banner die and use it latter for another card or project.

Step 6: Select a sentiment for your card. When I finished the background, I used the rest of the premixed Brusho to colour some scraps using the straws as well, these come in really handy for sentiments or smaller projects and we dont like to waste the colours. Here are two variations, but you could use any sentiment to suite the project.

Well, thats a really fun card to make, the explosion of colour with the banner would look fantastic in a journal or scrapbook, it really does make a statement. So versatile, how about printing thumbnails of photos and putting them in the blocks. Whatever you make or decide to do with your Banner I do hope you will share your Creations. Look forward to my next Back to Basics with Craftascope Show, dont forget if you have any ideas or anything you would like to see, please add it to the comments section under the videos, it makes it easier for me if they are all in one place. For now Take care and Happy Crafting.xx


  1. Such a fun bright card. Love the straw and paint background. Nicola xxx

    1. Thanks Nicola, It's a great way to use up all those scraps as well, and no one knows you have either. I would have done the background on TV but I got a little puffed.Thanks again.xx

  2. Love the colour Nick gonna try this soon

    1. Thank you Karen, I hope you have fun with it, also works really well with the Pearly winks for other colours.xx

  3. A fun card to make, I'm going to play with the stamps and use pro-markers to see what I can produce x

  4. It really is Marion, I am sure you will get a fantastic result with the stamps too, Great fun and a real stand out card too. Thank you for your comment.xx