Saturday, 27 May 2017

Cameo Box

Hi, Today I am sharing a Cameo Box that I made from Kraft card to decorate with the stunning 3D Embossing Folders from Crafters Companion. I will explain as clearly as I can with the photos I do have but please ask if you are not sure of anything or just want to ask any questions.

Choose something cylindrical that you can easily wrap the length of an A4 sheet around with some excess to avoid any joins in the strips. If you want to use A3 card then this wont matter. Also make sure that the item is the same diameter with no lip or rim which would make it impossible to remove the piece once dry.

Step 1: Cut strips of Kraft Card in the following widths,
             4 x 5 cm
             4 x 3.5 cm
             4 x 2 cm

Also cut one length of the 5 cm and the 2 cm in white card for covering the final strip.

Step 2: Take one 5 cm strip and wrap around the cylinder. Mark where they join with a pencil and cut using a ruler and craft knife. Use tape to hold the  tightly together and in place. Take another strip and wrap around the first, Mark this and cut.

Step 3: Cover the second piece with Tacky Glue and stick the first piece half way along that. Wrap around the cylinder, making sure it's a tight fit at the join.

Step 4: Wrap the next 5 cm strip around the first 2 (now stuck), measure and cut. Now stick this to the first to making sure you cover the join with the centre of this strip for strength.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the last Kraft strip and then with the white strip.

Step 6: Take the first 3.5 cm strip, level with the bottom of the previous strips, wrap around mark cut and glue as before.

Step 7: Repeat for the remaining 3.5 cm strips

Step 8: Take a 2 cm strip, wrap around level with the ledge that you have now created, Mark and cut. Hold this in place with tape, take another strip, wrap, mark and cut. Then secure as in step 2.

Step 9: Repeat this for the remaining 2 cm strips, check that the 2 pieces are not stuck together with a light twist. Separate them and leave to thoroughly dry overnight.

To make the base, place the lower part onto cardboard (an old box). Draw around the inside of the drum and cut out. Add glue around the edge of the circle and insert into the base of the drum, make sure its nice and level. Repeat this for the lid (please make sure you add it to the right end or the lid will be too tight) I made this mistake the first time.

Once this is dry cover the bottom with glue and place a piece of white card large enough to cover and hang over. Once dry this can be trimmed with sharp scissors to give a very neat edge. Repeat this for the lid and leave to dry thoroughly.

I painted the inside with Pebeo Black Gesso and the outside with Park Lane Acrylic paint from Indigo Blu. (DO NOT PAINT THE LIP WHERE THE LID GOES or the sides of the inside of the lid,this will stop the box opening easily)

Next I rolled out some air dry clay and imprinted it using the Country Garden 3D Embossing Folder. I used a large pastry cutter to cut a disk that would fit the lid. I left this to dry.

I also used a small pastry cutter to cut more disks to decorate the sides of the box. I dried these on the cylinder so they had the same curve.

I coloured the clay pieces using Cosmic Shimmer Sprays, they same as I did for the wall hangings in a previous post. Midnight Blue and Purple Violet. To finish the project I arranged and secured them in place with 3D Glue Gel.

I hope you have enjoyed the step by step and like the finished piece. Thank you for joining me again today, I hope you will stop by again soon. Take care and Happy


  1. These are gorgeous Nick what a great idea, my folders just arrived :o)
    Thanks for taking the time to do the steps too

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

    Anne xx

    1. Thank you so much Anne, Glad your folders have arrived, now the fun begins. I hope you enjoy them. You're more than welcome for the step by step, I do hope it's okay to follow.xxHave a great BH.

  2. Think that this is an amazing project. It must have taken ages doing all those step by step for us. It all sounds very complicated and has bamboozled me but for my brain to work through it I need the pieces of card while reading the instructions. It would also help if I hadn't already been awake for two hours at 4am when reading it.
    Hoping that your pain might be at least a little better while I'm here with mine trying to distract myself. Take care and thanks for sharing, Nicola xxx

    1. Thank you Nicola, I am so pleased to hear you like it. I really hope that the instructions are okay to follow. It's harder when you come to write it out.xx