Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Red Planet

Morning Friends and Crafters, You all know by now, I hate to just stick to what something is made for or how it is supposed to be used, well the Spectrum Noir Markers were no exception. I decided to experiment and try something different and here are the results, In my Red Planet.

You Will Need:
Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers 'Antique Elements'
Toadstool Home Stamp Set
Sparkle Garden Stamp Set
Clarity Masks & The Moon Negative Mask
Black Card
Blending Sponge

Step 1: Take your black card and using the Clarity hills and mountain masks, form the landscape. Here I added the ink to the mask rather than the blending sponge, Then gently dragged the colour from the mask onto the black card. I used Vintage Satin.

Step 2: Mask the top of the mountains and position the moon negative. Fill the moon with the same colour.

Step 3: Remove all of the masks.

Step 4: Stamp the toadstools, one with the Antique Pearl and the other with the Vintage Satin. Stamp the fairy in black and leave to dry. Mask the top part of the fairy off and re stamp with Vintage Satin. This gives the fairy a good profile against the moon and the hills.

Step 5: Add some birds in the sky with the fine end of your pen, also add a couple in front of the moon in black. Add a sentiment using the Rose Gold Metallic Marker.

Step 6: Use the Vintage Satin to edge another piece of black card, this will be used to mount your piece onto.

Step 7: To finish your card, layer up and secure to your base card.

Thank you ever so much for joining me again today, It's always good to have some company. Another thing, here is a 30% off voucher to use on your first order (anything) from Hochanda, use code FEY5JBP7.

If you have the time, it would be great if you could leave a comment. I sometimes wonder if the age of blogging is passing. Whether people now prefer to see the pictures only on Social Media. Things seem to change so fast nowadays. Anyway for now Take care and Happy Crafting.xx


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  2. Great and different way to use the pens,and the masks. This gives a wonderful effect,so beautiful and ethereal.
    Thank you for sharing Nicola x

    1. Thank you Nicola, I had to try this out to see if it would work, had to do it a little differently but got it to work, The colour is so vibrant but as always it doesn't come across so well on camera.xx

  3. Another beauty Nick! Love the effects and clever use of masks and metallic markers - so very celestial. I know what you mean about photographing 'shiny' surfaces. It is so hard to show mica, gilding flakes, glitter etc at their best in a photo - but I really can visualise this one! xx

    1. Morning, I had the idea of this but really wasn't sure if it would work with the markers, I m so pleased I tried, had to tweak it a bit but I got the effect I was after. There are quite a few things that just dont take good photos,I am glad you can imagine it.xx

  4. Lovely work Nick. Thanks for explaining how you made it. I much prefer the blog to Social media.

  5. Hiya Nick, I love this it is gorgeous! I came out of hospital on Mon and this is the first picture I've seen....It's absolutely beautiful, you should be very proud xx

  6. Dare I say I am over the moon about this card!!?? Sorry, I was terrified of the dark as a child, now, I am obsessed with the moon & stars. I think this is my favorite. My cards are not as detailed but would love to learn your techniques. So I am going to purchase the items for this cad & study your Blog! Adore the fairy!! I would frame this! Thank you Nick

  7. This is an interesting concept Nick, thanks!