Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hope, Joy and Love

I wanted to make something different with the stamps Leonie launched recently on Hochanda. For this project I decided to use the lovely Angel to make a lavender bag. I have used the Spectrum Noir Aqua markers from Crafters Companion for the colouring as they work really nicely on fabric, but please bear in mind that they wont be colourfast. For this project they were perfect as it wouldn't be necessary to wash a lavender bag.

To start with I cut to identical rectangles from cream calico, using a basic die. I also stamped the Angel onto copier paper and cut out. I needed to use this as a mask to add the wings, once I had stamped the Angel onto the Calico using black Versafine Ink, I then Ironed with a hot iron on the reverse.

I coloured the Angel in using a selection of my Aqua Markers, then put the calico in a hoop. I then embellished it with some stitching and French knots using gold metallic thread.

For the reverse of the bag, I stamped Love, Joy and the Hope stamps from the collection and then pressed with a hot iron.

This was also coloured with the Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers from Crafters Companion.

The two rectangles were then placed right sides together with a piece of ribbon sandwiched between them to act as the hanger. I then stitched all around leaving a small gap for filling.

I then turned these the right way and pressed again.

To complete the design I decided to use a couple of the accent stamps to surround the design around the edges.

Finally I stuffed the bags and ladder stitched the hole left for the filling.

Thank you so much for joining me today, I really enjoyed making these and hope you have enjoyed my step by step along with the finished items. Take care and Happy Crafting.xx


  1. These are lovely and something a little bit different,which is great! Shame you had such trouble trying to send them in the post! What in the world did they think that you were trying to send?
    Thank you for sharing. Nicola x

  2. Thank you Nicola, It was a nightmare. These were the third go. First ones, the dog got, the second I did one square and one shaped like the angel, got to the post office, never do the envelope up here as they always need to check. There was a real delay and the queue behind was getting bigger, then the security guard turned up and they wouldn't let me send I think it was becuase they were hand stitched, I suppose people will try

  3. These are lovely Nick. What a shame you had so much trouble trying to send them. Thank you for sharing this project and the great tutorial.

  4. Thank you, It was a shame but I have them in a draw to stop the moths so they weren't wasted. So pleased you like them.xx

  5. Very informative. Thank you!