Monday, 19 March 2018

Parchment Jungle

Morning. Are you all keeping warm, I do hope so. A bit of a shock, when your expecting spring like weather. It's freezing here today, no snow, but ice storms instead, with thunder and lightning last night. Today I am sharing a parchment project, made using the wonderful images from Jungle Dreams brought to us by Michelle from MJM Studios.

For this project you will need:
7'' x 7'' Parchment (to allow for scoring and attaching)
Parchment Scissors (your preferred)
Twin Needle Tool
Perga Ink White
Embossing Tools
Clarity Moon and Landscape Masks or Copier Paper
Sheena Stamping Card 6'' x 6''
Red Liner Tape
Distress Inks: Faded Jeans, Blueprint Sketch, Chipped Sapphire

Step 1: Create and print your design for the parchment onto paper or card.

Step 2: Trace your design to the parchment, using a mapping pen and white ink.

Step 3: Emboss your design from the back of the parchment using your small ball tool. Then add shading and whitework to add more depth, movement and texture. Always rest your work between sessions of whitework.

Step 4: From the back of your parchment, colour your design in colours of your choice.

Step 5: Take your card and create your landscape, building up the hills and mountains using the distress inks, always leaving a very pale section where they meet. When the land is complete and you are happy, add the moon mask.

Step 6: Continue with your background, building up the sky colour, always creating a deeper shade around the edges, fading out towards the moon. Remove the moon mask when finished and very lightly swipe from one side to add the smallest amount of colour, this looks like clouds or mist. You could add trees etc, but I chose not to on this piece

Step 7: Using a twin needle tool, prick all around your design. I dropped my tool and damaged one of the tips, so it's not very tidy. (another is on order).

Step 8: Using your snips, cut around your design (as shown)

Step 9: Score your parchment at 1/4 and 1/2 inch. Do this very gently and fold.

Step 10: Using red liner tape on the outer tab, secure to the reverse of your background. Sit back and enjoy your project.

Thank you so much for joining me today, I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and the finished piece. Hope you will join me again. Take care and Happy Crafting.xx


  1. This is brilliant Nick and the way I was taught to do Parchment a long time ago by a lady who wrote several books on Parchment. Perhaps I should start again. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Wow Nick this one is amazing. As you always do showing us yet another way to use something that most of us would never have thought of,let alone attempted.
    Thank you for sharing Nicola x