Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Leonie's Butterfly Bag.

Morning, Oh my goodness. Something else which is very new for me. I thought this promotional piece would be great for Leonie's TV launch show. Obviously you don't get the 'Leonie Pujol' in the collection as it's Leonie's property but It will give you an idea of what else you could do with it.

I have never made a bag before, but I searched the internet for a simple unlined 'Bag for Life' for me to decorate. I am over the moon with the result and hope you like it.

I started by cutting my Calico, The large piece forms the main part of the bag and measures 15'' wide by 27'' long. Two further pieces are needed for the handles and these both measure 19'' by 3''.

Both ends of the large piece were folded and pressed 1/2'' and then again 1/2'' to hide the raw edges and set aside.

The handles were folded 1'2'' in on both sides, then folded in half lengthways and stitched together as close to the seam as possible. Then to match the other side was also stitched as close to the edge as possible. This is repeated for the second handle.

Centre the handle onto the bag wrong side and pin under the folded seam, stitch close to both edges. Fold the handle upwards and stitch over the handle, repeat for the opposite handle.

Turn right sides together and make an 'M' shaped fold in the bottom, pin and stitch down either side of the bag, this gives more room at the bottom of the bag. I did it wrong sides together as I liked the idea of the detail on the outside. I know it's wrong, but it looks nice.

Using my Brother Scan n Cut, I used 'Leonie Pujol' and enlarged the image to be in proportion with the bag and what I had planned for the stamps. I cut the image out of freezer paper and ironed onto the front of the bag. I then used Sleeping Beauty paint from Indigo Blu to colour through my stencil. 

I used all 3 Butterflies from Leonie's collection, from the Flight To Freedom Set. I positioned one so that it was sitting on the 'L' and the other 2 flying around her name. Then I sneaked in a sentiment from the collection to place under Leonie Pujol.

I then coloured them using Spectrum Noir Pencils from Crafters Companion, I used the primaries for the red and green Butterflies and the essentials for the blue Butterfly:

Red Butterfly:024,027 and 033
Green Butterfly: 061,052 and 050
Blue Butterfly:06,073 and 071 

Thank you for popping by today, I hope you liked this project and really hope that you will be back very soon. Thank you so much for leaving your comments, they do help me to carry on.Take care xx


  1. Another new craft ticked off the to do list! Lovely simple to make bag and lovely simple,eye catching decoration. Again the step by step is amazing,you have got better and better at this in a really short time. I certainly appreciate the time it must take to make it all so detailed and for those of us without your flair it is a big help if we want to try something similar.
    Agree with your sentiment,she is isn't she as well as many other good things.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Nicola x

  2. Fantastic Nick and such a useful bag and seems fairly simple to cut out and saw
    Hugs xxx

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Nick. Is there nothing you cannot do - you are so incredibly talented! I'm so impressed by all your artwork. I bet Leonie was blown away when she saw this. Great projects and fabulous ideas as always!
    Alan's Mummy xx

  4. A great project Nick. Love it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. This is wonderful, what a great idea.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you've added the 'happy always', fabulous little touch!

    Anne x

  6. Wow Nick this is amazing ! Live it x