Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Fairy House

Morning all, Today I am Excited to be sharing a Fairy House that I made. It's not a quick make, but it's well worth the effort and you could also make it with clay, I liked the idea of recycling. 

To begin with, I painted a piece of cardboard, using a selection of paints (see photo). This wants to resemble weathered wood, that would have been on the roof for years, leave to dry.

Then create a sort of witches hat, which will be the base for your roof. Cut a circle and remove a quarter. Test for the size and secure, I used staples for speed as these wont show once you tile.

Take  a flower pot and secure to a cardboard base. Then take individual kitchen roll sheets, a water spray, PVA and a brush. Coat the pt with PVA, spray your kitchen roll and start to cover the pot. Try to make it look like real bark with pleats etc. Overlay some onto the base to form the land. Leave to dry and then paint as for the roof.

Cut the cardboard into 1/2 - 1'' strips and then into tiles.

Arrange your tiles row by row starting at the outer edge. Work around the first row, then overlap and stagger the second and so on. I recommend a glue gun for this step. Finish the top of the roof with a smaller cone.

The fairy door opens so I created a picture to go behind, you can choose whatever you would like to see behind the door.

I made some toadstools with Paper clay, left to dry and painted.

I added the fairy door to the house, I cut it a couple of times from Bronze pearl card. I added depth and bark detail to the walls with Gilding wax. Added flowersoft for grass and plants and to the roof as moss.

Thank you for joining me today, I hope to see you again very soon. For now take care and Happy crafting.xx


  1. Love this fairy house Nick. A brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you. I am really happy with it so I am over the moon that you like it too. Thank you for sharing yours with me.xx

  2. Wow, this is just stunning Nick. I can't believe you've made something that gorgeous with bits of cardboard and paper towel.
    Katrina x

    1. Hi Katrina, Thank you so much. I am on a recycling drive, especially trying to find ways to sue up some of the awful plastic that comes with everything and old pots that cant be used anymore.I am so pleased you like this, I have really enjoyed making this and definitely want to make more. I think if I was in the UK still I would do a craft fair with them.

  3. Think that this is quite different for you. It is just amazing what you have made using an old pot, cardboard and kitchen towel. It looks so realistic,if you can call a fairy house realistic lol.
    Thank you for sharing Nicola xxx

    1. I agree Nicola, It is a bit different, but I really wanted to use the doors for something other than a card with them. I am itching to make some more now.xx

  4. Hello there Barnsley Crafter,
    Your fairy house is just fantastic. I just cleared out a bunch of cardboard boxes and flats today in to the garbage. Now I see your lovely creation. I am tempted to go and retrieve the cardboard. Very nice indeed.
    Fawna Nazza

  5. This is a great piece of work. So glad I saw it.