Sunday, 19 February 2017

Powertex, The finished Journal Cover

Hi, Time to share my finished Journal cover. The blank Journal was brought to Hochanda a few weeks ago by Neil Burley and That's Crafty, I have used the larger A4 size here. I have a large Powertex project that I was preparing, but need the weather to warm up, I also thought it might be better to start with a smaller piece. I am really pleased with the results. The photos have not shown it as well as I had hoped, so with this I have included a selection of close ups, so I hope they will help.

To begin with I collected everything together that I was going to use, that way it's not messy at all. Lots of different textures. Here are some Oak Leaves, leaves from my Coconut Palm, these are really interesting. I've also used some Spider Web, Crochet Lace along with lots of scraps of fabric. I collect old coins, so I wanted to include some of those as well.

In addition I used some die cuts for the lettering, these were cut multiple times and layered using Cosmic Shimmer glue.I did the same with some waste circles from Sheena's Time Traveller Collection, (I never throw anything away) these formed the screw heads on the cartouche. The plaque was made from a small spellbinder die which I cut 5 times and layered using the glue to give the thicker look I wanted. Queen Victoria's portrait was moulded from an 1897 Jubilee medal and then filling the mould with paper clay. I took all of the elements and made an initial layout before using my Bronze Powertex.

The scrap fabric roses were made using the same technique, I showed in an earlier video. This time the fabric was soaked in Powertex so no glue was need as it sticks to itself. Once the Powertex was dry, I added some Sand Texture Paste from DecoArt to some areas of the cover.

I wanted the finished piece to look like a sheet of Iron with aged copper embellishments fixed to it. I decided to add some of the Rusty Powder in the areas that would naturally rust. I mixed the Rusty Powder with bronze Powertex along with a little Titanium White to lighten it a little as the Rusty Powder is best used with the lighter Powertex colours.

To finish the project, I dry brushed using Turquoise Powercolor and Colorticx Copper Pigment both mixed with the Powertex easy varnish.

Thank you so much to you all, I hope you have enjoyed this step by step and the finished Journal cover. Take care and Happy


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    1. Thank you ever so much Denise. I am so pleased you like it. I am getting a little addicted so I am sure there will be more on here. Take care xx

  2. It's fabulous. The colours are perfect and I love all the embellishments you have created. Powertex is my favourite craft item and I collect anything and everything to use in my projects.

    1. Chris it's lovely of you to say, I am going to be like you then collecting all I can to use with it. I spent most of last evening looking round for things and thinking about what I can do for my next project. I am very excited about my big project. I have been making things for it for months and now I am waiting for the warmer weather. Thank you again.XX

  3. It's stunning Nick. Thank you so much for sharing this project.

  4. Looks amazing Nick. Thanks for sharing it with us. Nicola x

  5. It is fabulous I have done a couple of things but it is getting the space to work. I take your still in Bulgaria Nick looking forward to see more of your work.