Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Parchment Rose

Morning today I am sharing a Parchment card that I made using a stencil from Be Creative. I thought I would use it differently and that it would make a nice statement piece. I have mixed the Groovi with it so it's sort of a mix between Traditional Parchment and Groovi

You will need:
Groovi Banner (Your Choice, Depending on the size of your Sentiment)
Embossing tools
Black Green & Red Polychromos or Pergacolours
Corner Punch
Black Card

Step 1: Transfer your design to the parchment, I used my light wave, but you could place it all on dark/black card and trace it that way. Lightly emboss your line work with a small ball tool

Step 2:Add your Banner and Sentiment. Then add the sprig background.

Step 3: Add your white work, do this gradually and leave it to rest in between layers. Do the same for the banner and add more dimension with black to make it ore 3D.

Step 4: Colour your rose design and leaves. Mount your piece onto black card, using a corner punch to hold the parchment in place. Finally to finish your card, mount it onto a Centura Pearl card Base.

Thank you ever so much for joining me today, I do hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and finished card I have shared. Please join me again for some more Inspiration. For now take care and Happy crafting.xxx


  1. Always love your parchment cards. Love the white work and colouring of the rose.
    Thank you for sharing Nicola x

    1. Thank you Nicola, I have to say I love the parchment, it's always so relaxing to do in the evening. You are welcome, I do love to share.xx

  2. Absolutely beautiful you are so clever , I love it xx

  3. Beautiful design, I have loads of stencils I've never used, great way to combine the them with the Groovi back ground plates, really lovely x

    1. Thank you, You must try it, it's a shame to have lot and not use them, If you can do more things with something they give more value.xx