Thursday, 30 August 2018

Butterfly Wall Hanging

Morning Friends and Crafters, I am sharing another project that I made using a stencil and Luster Paints from Be Creative. I always like to do something different to get more value from my goodies. For this project I didn't want to use it as a stencil so I used it for the pattern and shape. I also used the Luster paint to make an interesting background on calico to make a wall hanging.

I have to appologise for the lack of photos in this one, I really dont know where they disappeared to.

You will need:
Be Creative Beautify Stencil
Luster paints Bronze, Pearl and Gold
Matching Embroidery Threads
Embroidery Hoop
Matching Beads

Step 1: Start by colouring a piece of Calico, large enough for your design. I added to Luster paints to add texture, dimension and interest to the fabric.

Step 2: Pencil through the stencil to mark the design onto the fabric. Then stitch the design with the fabric in a hoop to keep the fabric taught. When finished add some decorative beads.

Step 3: Cut 2'' strips of Calico, enough to form a frame around the piece.Cut this on the bias I have dyed this by boiling it in a pan with walnut shells to give a matching colour. Once dry covert this to Bias Binding ready to add to the project as a frame. I have splatted this with some Pearl Luster paint and stitched around the project to finish.

Thank you for joining me today, I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial I have shared along with the finished project. I do hope you will join me very soon when I will share some more. For now Take care and Happy


  1. Love this Nick and thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Very different way to use the stencil and paints. Love the way you always find something different to do with your craft items,gives us lots of different ideas.
    Thank you for sharing Nicola x