Saturday, 30 July 2016

Looking Good

Morning, After having such fun using Leonie's new Mixed Media range, I decided to work on another project, I dont know where the idea came from exactly, apart from the picture in my head, I have a feeling it might be from a painting I saw in a museum when growing up. I wanted to incorporate the Wonder Crystals & Sheets that Justin and Gordon bring us from Be Creative. They work so well and the effects you can get are amazing. They should still be available to buy on the Hochanda Website. I do hope you managed to get Leonie's new collection as it is so versatile.

The hardest part about this project was working out how I could bring it to life using card. The idea I originally had was of the face being in mid air, but I thought it wouldn't be possible without using metal frames etc. I roughly drew a sketch onto paper.

Once I had worked it out, I started with a box frame, I coloured all of the parts that might be seen with Black Soot Distress ink.

I applied a Wonder Sheet to some greyboard and marked out the shape which would become the head.

Using the spare space below this I drew some shapes, which would enable me to add detail, movement and texture to the head, making it look something like hair.

I made a few adjustments before cutting out the basic shape.

Then I cut out the hair shapes and applied Wonder Tape to the edges. I stuck these to the head section.

On a flat surface, I coated this with Goldstone Wonder Crystals.

As I heated the Crystals I added more, the two I used here were Goldstone and Lodolite Quartz.

I assembled my box frame.

I cut a frame that would go over the top of the box and coated it with Goldstone Wonder Crystals and heated. This would conceal all of the workings and joins.

I cut out an eye and lips from Leonie's Looking Good Die Set, Three of each and glued them together with Cosmic Shimmer. I cut an additional one of each from board covered in Wonder Tape, this was to be the top layer. I Used Carnelian for the lips and Turquenite for the eye.

Using the drawing I had made earlier I shaped Copper cable to form the nose and attach the lips and another for the eye. I secured this with super glue and 3D glue gel.

I then used the same method to attach both cables to the back of the hair section. This gave the illusion of the face being suspended in air. I paced the hair section onto my frame using Cosmic Shimmer glue.

Lastly to finish off the piece, I added the top frame which I had embossed using the Crystals earlier.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit today. I really enjoyed making this piece so I hope you have enjoyed reading the step by step and seeing the finished project that I have created. I really appreciate your comments and do read them all. I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Take care xx


  1. Oh wow Nick no wonder you were excited by this piece,it is amazing! The recent release has certainly inspired you to do some very different and wonderful pieces of art.
    Thank you for sharing. Nicola x

  2. Yet another stunning creation Nick I just don't know where you get the ideas from. The way you have made it is so clever and as always a great step by step guide.
    Hugs Janet xxx

  3. Yet another stunning creation Nick I just don't know where you get the ideas from. The way you have made it is so clever and as always a great step by step guide.
    Hugs Janet xxx

  4. Janet took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the same thing as I looked at your work of art. It is wonderful and I just couldn't think of these ideas. Thank you for the step by step tutorial.

  5. Stunning piece of art Nick! Thank you for sharing and for the step by step tutorial
    Love the movement of the hair!