Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Celebrate Diversity

Hi everyone, Something new from me today, a craft that I have never tried before, I have really enjoyed it, so I can see that it might become an addiction. Here is my entry for the AALL  and CREATE Grand Finale, The World. As it's all about Celebrating Diversity, my thought was- why not wear it? Designing a tee shirt is something new to me, let along getting that design onto a wearable item. It's been such an enjoyable journey, taking part, so really wanted to leave my comfort zone.

To colour the base design, along with all the other elements I used the Colourist heat transfer paints. The entry and no entry signs will make more sense later.

I cut out my design (Mirror Image) to avoid an other marks being transferred to my project.

It was then placed face down and pressed with a very hot iron.

It was very exciting to uncover it, to see the result, I was very pleased.

On copier paper, I prepared the elements I wanted to use in the background, I used a selection of stencils and bubble wrap.These were set aside to dry.

The tricky part  was preparing all the words I wanted for the design. Each of them had to be done in reverse. It's a lot harder than you might think. I printed them off and used a light box to write them. The main circular design was to contain 'Celebrate Diversity' which I positioned within the circle. It was my way of symbolising connections.

Next using the same technique, I wrote the other words I needed. The positive words were placed within the arm containing the 'Entry' sign symbolising that these actions are acceptable. On the other hand the unacceptable action were added with the 'No Entry' sign.

Next, I built up my background layer by layer, using a mask from copier paper to keep the 'White Space' I ripped the elements I had created to ensure no hard lines. Layering from my lightest colour yellow, teal violet etc. It's a lot easier in papercraft, but thoroughly enjoyable.

This is my finished design. I didn't add any hole as in the brief as the garment has 4 holes already, neck,bottom and the two sleeves. 

I am quite sad that these challenges have now come to an end, It's been a great experience and it's been wonderful seeing all of the entries and the different takes on each challenge. I hope you like what I have done and the steps I have shared. Good luck to all.


  1. Wow Nick! Amazing design,you would think that you had been designing clothes for years. The step by step is great for taking us through all the stages you went through in making this.
    Thank you for sharing, Nicola.

  2. Thank you ever so much Nicola, I have to say it's a really nice thing to do. The inks are amazing to use and you can get your design just right before putting it on the item. Take care xx