Friday, 2 December 2011

National Cardmaker of the Year 2011 ~ Craft it your way!

Once again my life has taken a new direction and has been the main reason for the gap. Since my last post I found out that I won prizes in 2 categories of the National Card Maker of the Year 2011.

I can’t quite describe just how amazing it felt to find out that I had come first in Joanna Sheens Category. But then to discover I had also won a second prize for my entry into the My Craft Studio was amazing. To say I was over the moon was a massive understatement. It was like winning the lottery, not that I have ever won, but I imagine I would feel the same. For me though winning anything in this competition meant so much to me as this was for something I had created from scratch, rather than simply a stroke of luck or being the winner of a prize draw. Even as I’m writing this, I still can’t quite believe that two of my cards had been chosen to win.
There’s nothing like crafting to take your mind off of everything else that’s going on. How wonderful to be rewarded for something that’s so enjoyable. It’s been a huge boost to my confidence, I’m incredibly proud of this achievement. I’ve not been put out to pasture just yet after all.
Along with my monthly magazines, I get so much inspiration from Create & Craft and all of the talented guests. In particular Melanie, Leonie, Stephanie and all at My Craft Studio, Debbie Shore for her reintroduction to sewing. And of course the one and only Joanna Sheen for everything she brings to us crafters, I’m always eagerly waiting for her next release. It’s impossible to put into words just how much of a difference these people have made to my crafting without sounding patronising or cheesy, but I’m sure they will know what I mean.
I’m always learning new techniques, that’s what makes crafting such fun and crafters are always willing to share and help. If I had to choose my favourites, which is really difficult I would have to say Decoupage closely followed by stamping and distressing. I do love my Cricut though as I’ve mentioned before and I’ve just started scrapbooking thanks to Melanie Heaton, she has such a passion and shares such inspiration.
I hope this doesn’t sound too much like the proverbial acceptance speech, as it’s meant most sincerely. When I first decided to enter this competition in July, it was for a bit of fun as well as another way to donate my cards to charity. It was my original intention to enter a card for each category, I thought it would be easily achievable. Health certainly wasn’t on my side and in the end I was able to enter ten of the categories.  I honestly didn’t expect to hear anything at all, I’ve never entered such a big competition before. I suppose deep down I didn’t feel that my cards were good enough to win such a contest. I know it sounds like every other person that wins, but it really is true.
We’re so lucky to have such a large and varied selection of crafting supplies and tools to choose from. Like everyone, I have my favourites and believe it or not, top of my list is My Craft Studio and Joanna Sheen. My very first Purchase was a My Craft Studio Double CD Rom and shortly afterwards, I came across Joanna Sheens ‘Enchanted Christmas’. My first ever cards were from these and since then I have every release. For me being a winner in both of these categories is a dream come true.
I just know I’m going to be walking round with a constant grin on my face, I’m over the moon with excitement. I’ve not even had chance to think about the prizes, but it’s brilliant to have so much more to look forward to and thinking about all the crafting I will get from them. I have a passion for crafting, I love making cards for Friends and Family, that’s when you can really personalise them and know that they are going to be special.

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  1. You should be very proud of yourself and you deserve the awards. Only just be in contact with you but it is as though we have been friends for years
    I'm pleased to be your email buddy....Jan