Friday, 1 June 2018

Gentleman's Front Room

Im back again with another project using the brand new dimensional dies. I really hope you got to see the shows with Leann and Janice, more importantly, did you order them and are they on their way, How Exciting! It really would be wonderful to see photos of your projects, as I have said before, this has been one of the most inspirational collections I have used in all me years of crafting, they are so much more than cards. Think about personalising the scene for that special person, taking photos of their personal items and resizing them, shrinking down family photos.

You will need:
Ivory Centura Pearl
Copier or Decoupage Paper
Sheena Stamping Card
Faux Leather or Scrap Leather
Walnut Stain Oxide
Stick N Spray
Collall Adhesives

Step 1: Prepare your card base, any size you like. Mark the score line lightly with pencil, (Don Not Score) Position your die using the notches to line up with your pencil line. If you want the windows to be see through, you will need to cut these  as well with  your chosen wall paper.

Step 2: Cut your chosen floor covering to the correct size. Then using the notches on the chair die to give the perfect shape to fit the base. Then emboss using the Wood Panel. TOP TIP: Leave a little extra card to the front and both sides as the the card shrinks slightly when you emboss.

Step 3: Colour and stamp the base of the chair legs, to give the illusion of wood.

Step 4: Cut a circle of Self Adhesive Hessian (Burlap) from Sara's Signature collection. Use Walnut Stain Oxide on the Warm Blanket Embossing folder and run through.

Step 5: Emboss the wallpaper using the Brocade folder and secure to the wall using your chosen adhesive, lining up the window opening.

Step 6: Create a lower strip of wallpaper and rail using the patterned card. Secure the rail to the the lower piece allowing a small overlap to cover the join when you secure it to the wall. Use your chair die as for the Flooring to get the perfect shape. I then used the chair to cut the leather for the chair, I wanted it to looked lived in, a comfy old chair.

Step 7: Cut your window frame fro Centura Pearl Ivory or White to coordinate with you chosen decor. Place acetate behind, I also used a magazine picture at the back for the outside scenery. You can also make your own outside scene using the accessories. 

Step 8: Position and secure your rug.

Step 9: Add all of your accessory dies, curtains, table, lamp etc.

Step 10: Here I scanned and resized some birthday cards that I had made, one of them with Sara's signature collection, you might recognise it.

Step 11: I resized the front of a newspaper, then added some blank pages and folded. The book was made using the waste from the large window panels, for the covers ad pages.

Step 12: I took a photo of the Grandmother clock, resized, cut out. I added Spray n Shine, with Glossy Accents on the face. I also printed a Family Photo for the photo frame, again using Glossy Accents.

I really hope you will share you makes when you get going, I am so excited to see your ideas and projects. I would love to have your comments ad feedback on the tutorial and project I have shared, if you have time, Hopefully you have enjoyed it. For now Take care and Happy Craftingxx


  1. Nick, you are truly AMAZING! I can almost sit in that chair and read the book! Ok, so I'd squash the chair, but you know what I mean. :) I am in the US so already have the die set but haven't done a thing with it because of family issues. However, I watch HOCHANDA and heard you chatting and your cards being shown. Congrats to you! Jennie from Fb.

    1. Hi Jennie, I would love to sit in the chair too and Yes, I know exactly what you mean,I wanted it to be lived in and look comfy. So sorry about your family issues, I hope they're not too bad and all is well. Great you saw Hochanda, I was so nervous and the noisy feedback didn't help, I wasn't anywhere near the TV, I actually went in the garden away from all electric, Thank you ever so much for your comments, it's great to have them as so many people comment on Facebook rather than on the blog now so it sometimes seems I am writing to

  2. This is brilliant. Would love the dies but can not afford them at the moment. I did watch the shows.

    1. So glad you got to see the shows, I know the feeling, If I hadn't been doing the samples I would be in the same boat, I would love them but would have to wait. So pleased you like it.xx

  3. So fantastic. What program do you use when you do the resizing like the clock and picture etc.

    1. Thank you Joan, You can use any program, even a word document to resize, I use craft Artist at the moment but they have stopped selling it now, any free program on the internet will allow you to resize, but if you have word it's easy to use it and can do a whole page of items at once.xx